Deep progressive house music


Elsloo produces & mixes proper progressive house and is the host of Ascension on Digitally Imported Radio's progressive channel.


DJ & producer Bryan Elsloo hails from Denver and has been dropping tracks on the welcoming ears of drum & bass and house heads since 1996. His current influences stem from the melodic and deep sounds of proper progressive house as well as the Chicago and Detroit legends and was introduced to dance music through his passion for experimental electronic artists like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Skinny Puppy and New Order.

Over the years, Elsloo captured sought after residencies at world class clubs, played live on local radio stations and has continued to be a favorite among underground party goers.
Elsloo’s current music selection and mixing style reflects his passion for the roots of house music while stylishly interweaving up and coming sounds from artists who push the envelope of their sonic endeavors to the edge. From progressive house with deep and tech flavors to melodic and thoughtful techno, you will hear tracks played with the heart and soul of the underground scene in mind. Alongside mixing, Elsloo produces music with finely tuned production skills offering up fresh remixes and original tracks to the underground.

Elsloo currently hosts a 2 hour mix show on Digitally Imported Radio’s progressive channel which airs on the first Tuesday of each month @ 4PM US Eastern. (More info)


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